Sponsorship Information


    Sponsorship Information


    Greetings Valued Sponsors and Future Sponsors:


    Allow me to introduce you to the Beta Omicron Alumni Association (BOAA). Our purpose is to provide support and scholarships to Tennessee State University students and other young Alpha men.


    The Beta Omicron Alumni Association is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization and chartered affinity chapter of the Tennessee State University National Alumni Association (TSUNAA).  Our membership consists of TSU alumni that are men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated and were Beta Omicron Chapter initiates or matriculated through the chapter in their college days.  


    We endeavor to give back to our Alma Mater with our time, academic achievement, and monetary gifts. Beta Omicron Chapter and its Alumnus have a long history of collaborating with Tennessee State University for the success of our school and our surrounding community.


    Net proceeds of our TSU Homecoming Activities and Spring Alumni Golf Tournament events benefit the BOAA Scholarship Endowment, which funds the Tennessee State University Beta Omicron Alumni Association’s Endowed Scholarship Fund and Hershel J. Honeywood King/Kirby Pugh Scholarship.


    To date we have given our beloved alma mater all most $250,000 in endowment funds. Beta Omicron Alumni Association Events Sponsorship are  great opportunities for your organization to gain exposure and market visibility to a young, urban, college educated market located throughout the United States  and to help support a worthy cause.


    You will find listed below details of sponsorship and participation opportunities with the Beta Omicron Alumni Association that will help to fund the Beta Omicron Alumni Association Scholarship Endowments. The Events listed below will be held each year during the week of Tennessee State University's Homecoming celebration. Your involvement will make these events a special and memorable celebration while supporting scholarship.


    We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon. Please mail your commitment form back promptly. If you should have any questions or required additional information, feel free to email BOAlumni@gmail.com.




    The Beta Omicron Alumni Scholarship Sponsorship Committee


    Beta Omicron Alumni Association (BOAA) Presents

    “The Best Damn Happy Hour, Period!!!


    This event has been a complete success for many years. We have consistently provided a great entertainment source to 2500-3500 supporters. The age demographic is from 25-40.  This wide range gives a great opportunity to reach a vast majority of potential customers.



    BOAA Presents the “Ultimate Tailgate”


    Our tailgate has grown to be the premier function to attend during the hours before and after the TSU homecoming game. We supply entertainment, food and beverages to 250-400 people. We are proud to bring our alumni together.



    We are requesting product or monetary sponsorship at one of the following levels to enhance our fundraising activities:

    • Platinum Level (2) - $6,500 worth      of product/monetary donation, includes (4) VIP status to all events,      sponsorship recognition on all advertisement, access to patrons through      booth or product placement at one premier event i.e. (BOAA Mixer, Happy      Hour, Black Carpet Affair, or Ultimate Tailgate)


    • Gold Level (4) - $4,500 worth of      product/monetary donation to go towards sponsorship recognition of one of      the premier events. Includes (2) VIP status tickets to one premier event      and Black Carpet Affair.


    • Silver Level (10) - $1,500 worth      of product/monetary donation, prizes, and/or giveaways to go toward Happy      Hour, Hospitality Lounge, and/or Ultimate Tailgate. Includes (2) Tickets      to Black Carpet Affair and recognition of sponsorship status.


    • Bronze Level (20) - $500 worth of      product/monetary donations, prizes, and/or giveaways to go towards Happy      Hour, Hospitality Lounge, and/or Ultimate Tailgate. Recognition of      sponsorship status.


    • Donation – Product contribution of your choice

    In return for sponsorship funding, you will benefit in the following ways: 

    • Support of philanthropy driven event
    • Exposure to Young Urban      Professional/College Educated Market with Nationwide Reach
    • Cultural Community Investment
    • Product Engagement/New Customers
    • Recognition in Scholarship      Luncheon Program (dependent on sponsorship level)
    • Category Exclusivity (dependent      on sponsorship level)
    • Press Release (dependent on      sponsorship level)
    • Allocated amount of VIP tickets      to all hosted events (dependent on sponsorship level)
    • Marketing Opportunities
    • Product Placement at Events (dependent on sponsorship level)
    • Banner at Events (dependent on sponsorship level)
    • o   Premium Tent Location within Specified Tailgating Areas (Nissan Stadium) among   other corporate sponsors such as MillerCoors, Sprint, McDonald’s, etc. (dependent on sponsorship level)
    • Free marketing available on BOAA Facebook Page, and Event e-Flyers (dependent on sponsorship level)  

    Beta Omicron Alumni Association

    Sponsorship Request Form

    As a sponsor of Beta Omicron Alumni Association events I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I am “Making a Difference” in young students educational future. Thank you for making a significant impact in BOAA‘s efforts to provide scholarships. Please check the level of sponsorship you desire to participate.

    Sponsor Level:


    Platinum ($6,500)         Gold ($4,500)                   Silver ($1,500)                 Bronze ($500)


    Donation: _______________________________________________________________________________________


    Sponsor name: ________________________________________

    Title: _______________________________________________

    Organization: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Phone: ________________________________________

    Email: ________________________________________________________

    Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

    City: ________________________________________________ State: ________

    Zip Code: ________________________________


    Date: __________________________________________________

    *My organization will provide sponsorship funding on or before September 18 of the current calendar year

    *My organization will provide a digtal copy of our logo, which will be used in promotional materials.


    The Beta Omicron Alumni Association is a tax-exempt non-profit organization under Section 501© (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and your contribution is fully tax-deductible to the extent of the Law. (Tax ID# 27-2817400)


    Make checks payable to:

    Beta Omicron Alumni Association

    P.O. Box 770145

    Memphis, TN 38177-0145


    Contact Email: BOALUMNI@gmail.com