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  • BO Monument Pledge Request Letter

    -Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
    Beta Omicron Alumni Association
    1906          1934


    At the Alpha Phi Alpha - Beta Omicron Chapter luncheon on November 5, 2005 it was the consensus of the Beta Omicron members and the alumni of the chapter that we erect a monument on Tennessee State University’s Fraternity Row.

    We know that you carry the Alpha ideals and values in your heart. We remember that “manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind” are the aims of the Fraternity. Beta Omicron has supplied that vision and voice for seventy–four years on Tennessee State University’s campus.

    The struggle is not over. We must control and shape our memory on this campus. We must state our identity; not only for ourselves but also for those we need to inspire. A monument serves as a witness. We need a physical presence to state that we have been here, that we are here, and that God willing we will always be here.

    Why a Beta Omicron monument? Besides a physical presence, it preserves information as a declaration of Beta Omicron’s existence; a personification of the values; a testimony or our legacy.

    Please help support the ideals of our chapter by making a contribution to the AÔA BO Scholarship and Monument Fund. Contributions of a certain level will be permanently recorded on the monument/memorial.

    Thanks for your support.



    Harry W. Taylor
    Chair, AÔA Beta Omicron Monument Committee

  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Beta Omicron Alumni Association
    1906                                                                                                1934